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What is a TABOO TV channel?
Taboo channels are TV channels which cannot be used due to interference from other channels. Without a long and complex explanation of the technicalities involved, the basic rules are that you cannot use any channel spaced 1,5 or 9 above or below a channel that is in use.

Consider the following example using channel 52.       43 47 51 52 53 57 61

The channels shown in red are unuseable. If you were to set up your VCR or Satellite to use one of these channels you would almost certainly suffer some picture or sound disturbance.

The aim of this guide is for you to easily and quickly work out which channels may or may not be used. You can selectively disable certain channels if they suffer from interference in your area. Additionally you can add up to 12 of your own distribution channels ( if you can fit them in! ) and the names will show on the chart as VCR 1-4, SAT 1-4 and House 1-4. Before you ask "what is a house channel?"...

...I shall explain.
A "House" channel could be one of several things, a DVD Player connected to a modulator, a CCTV camera or the output from a PC, Games System or Home Automation Controller. In fact it can be any TV signal that you want to distribute around your house. The names I have chosen don't have any purpose other than to differentiate between all the channels that you add.

The names were chosen on the basis that many homes now have 2 or more VCR's, Analogue Satellite, Digital Satellite and Digital Terrestrial receivers, and many Home Automators are distributing CCTV pictures and the output of a PC around their homes. It seemed reasonable to assume that in each of the catagories 4 would be a relistic maximum. However, if you don't have Satellite but do have 6 VCR's then simply call two of the VCR's SAT1 and SAT2.

Click on the image to calculate which channels are available.

Remember that any channel distributed via an RF Distribution system will be prone to periodic Atmospheric Interference due to weather conditions. The picture quality will at best be slightly inferior to that provided by a direct AV connection and any audio will be Mono.

The best possible Audio and Video quality can be obtained by using the
KAT5 AV Distribution System